Former Rite Aid Health GM launches pharmacy consultancy group


HARRISBURG, Pa. Former Rite Aid Health Solutions general manager and 25-year drug retailing veteran Greg Drew has recently formed his own pharmacy consultancy agency, called Pharmacy Expertise, Drug Store News has learned.

Drew, president and chief executive officer of the new consultancy company, and his team of consultants at Pharmacy Expertise provide insights into a number of pharmacy-centric issues, including: retail clinical initiatives, medication-therapy management development and developing a managed care strategy.

“Our consultants can bring you the needed market intelligence and experience to help you understand what the key retail players are thinking and how that may affect your plans,” Drew said on the Pharmacy Expertise Web site. “We will not only advise you of what we know, but we will reach out to our networks in retail to validate our thinking and communicate any paradigm shifts that we detect.”

In all, Pharmacy Expertise provides assistance for many pharmacy market segments, including pharmaceutical managed markets, managed care organizations, employers, and pharmacy delivery channels. The firm specializes in providing evaluation of potential synergies between the providers, payers and distributors of pharmaceuticals. Drew and his associates also provide business development services in evaluating current and future contractual and partnership relationships in emerging pharmacy areas such as medication therapy management, retail clinics and medication adherence.

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