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GE introduces ChipCap humidity and temperature gauge


BILLERICA, Mass. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies has announced a new product; proven to lower the cost of humidity and temperature sensor integration by 50 percent or more, according to published reports.

The product is known as ChipCap, a sensor for relative humidity and temperature used for the HVAC, automotive, medical and appliance industries. It is the only device that offers digital and analog configurations on a single chip. According to published reports, it is also highly resistant to contaminants and is programmed to fully recover in condensing environments.

Bryan Conner, Global Product Manager of Gas and Moisture for GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, says, “ChipCap offers a full factory calibrated solution. It doesn’t require further signal conditioning, therefore reducing the overall design time in integration and time to market for new products. By eliminating the need for calibration, end users increase throughput and lower cycle time once in production.” The new product is sad to save an estimated $30,000 to $50,000 in capital equipment costs and calibration labor, according to published reports.

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