GfK Healthcare offers access to diabetes patients’ data, market trends


BLUE BELL, Pa. A healthcare market research company has released a report on diabetes that it said offers healthcare companies and others access to patient data and market trends from one of the largest surveys of people with diabetes.

Gfk Healthcare also said its U.S. Diabetes Patient Market Study, from the company’s Roper Global Diabetes Program, was the only one projectable to the U.S. population.

The company said the study offers insights from diagnosed patients into patient attitudes and behaviors, influencers for lifestyle changes and treatment options, product usage and compliance, sources of care and insurance, diabetes control and demographics and patients’ therapy progression.

“We want to see if patient needs for better control, especially post-prandial control, are being met,” Roper Diabetes practice leader David Jacobson said. “We also think the market needs to understand how the economy is affecting the behaviors of people with diabetes.”

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