GSK will supply over 30 million doses of flu vaccines to U.S. this season


PHILADELPHIA The influenza virus vaccines Fluarix and FluLaval from GlaxoSmithKline will have a combined total of 30 million to 35 million doses supplied to the U.S. markets for the 2007-08 influenza season.

The vaccines will be delivered in phased approach for the rest of September and all of October with completion occurring at the end of October. “Providing an ample and steadily growing supply of flu vaccine has been a priority for GlaxoSmithKline since entering the U.S. market in 2004,” said David Pernock, senior vice president of GSK. “Over the years, GSK has significantly increased its influenza vaccine manufacturing capacity, and we have taken steps to improve the way this product is distributed to those who need it.”

Last year, the company sent about 25 million doses of the drugs for flu season.

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