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Handbook for doctors on cardiovascular therapy debuts


NEWTOWN, Pa. Every day, 2,400 people die from causes related to cardiovascular disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cardiovascular diseases affect almost 1-in-3 Americans, ranging from hypertension and coronary heart disease to stroke, diabetes and heart failure.

To help combat the problem, Philadelphia-based Handbooks in Health Care announced Tuesday that it had collaborated with Harvard University cardiologist Christopher Cannon and University of Pennsylvania cardiologist Nehal Mehta to publish the Contemporary Guide to Cardiovascular Therapy.

“Previously published comprehensive textbooks can quickly become out of date with crucial missing information,” Cannon said. “In a busy practice setting, the ability for a doctor to have crucial information on cardiovascular diagnoses and treatment at one’s fingertips is an invaluable resource and one that I hope this guide will provide on a daily basis.”

The pocket-sized guide sells for less than $25.

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