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Health Mart and APCI engage lawmakers for Florida Independent Pharmacy Day


LAKELAND, Fla. — Florida Independent Pharmacy Day celebrates the contributions of independent pharmacists in reducing healthcare costs and improving patient care. Health Mart and American Pharmacy Cooperative have invited Florida legislators to visit pharmacies across Florida on Oct. 27 to highlight independent pharmacy’s unique contributions and impact on healthcare in communities around the state.

“American Pharmacists Month draws attention to the fact that pharmacists are consistently voted one of the most trusted healthcare professionals, as well as the most accessible healthcare provider in communities across the nation,” stated Chris Dimos, SVP marketing and business strategy, McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical. “With a variety of public policy issues and legislation impacting the independent pharmacy – and by extension, patients across the state of Florida – we felt it was important to kickstart a dialogue with Florida legislators about the critical role independent pharmacists play every day.”

State Rep. Jay Trumbull, representing Florida’s 6th District, is just one of the legislators supporting his local independent pharmacy, Coopers Drugs in Panama City. Trumbull’s office toured Coopers Drugs and visited with staff to begin an ongoing conversation regarding potential legislation in the state. The visit will launch efforts in October, with more than 20 independent pharmacists participating statewide on Oct. 27, with additional support from APCI.

“APCI supports Main Street America and interaction with elected officials, because lack of involvement in healthcare policymaking empowers others to determine your future,” said Bill Eley, director of legislative affairs, APCI.

Health Mart and APCI support Florida independent pharmacists, like Aneesh Lakhani, in engaging legislation and showcase the role pharmacists play in improving patient outcomes.

“October is a time for us to celebrate pharmacy in general and it also gives us an opportunity to display all the different things we do,” noted Lakhani, owner and head pharmacist at Garden Drug in Oakland Park. “So many people rely on their independent pharmacist as their go-to person for healthcare. We want to showcase the services of local pharmacists for legislators so they can see firsthand how we are out there, every day, fighting to improve the healthcare outcomes of our patients.”


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