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Health Mart launches national ‘Power Your Partnerships’ series

Health Mart is offering independent pharmacies practical advice for creating and maintaining prescriber relationships to improve patient outcomes and grow their businesses through its sixth annual Town Hall and continuing education series titled Power Your Partnerships.

The pharmacist-led series will supply pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy owners with the tools to develop patient and prescriber relationships that strengthen their pharmacy’s impact. Health Mart will host more than 80 events across the country through early 2019.

The Power Your Partnerships event features one of 19 successful Health Mart owners leading an interactive CE session outlining collaboration benefits and discussing the influence independent pharmacies can have on prescriber performance measures.

Pharmacist facilitators will share ideas for developing a clear communication strategy, including how to access prescribers, and how to determine their needs and anticipate questions. Building on success stories of becoming a trusted prescriber partner, attendees will receive a 30-day action plan with next steps and resources to successfully create and maintain prescriber relationships that drive results in their pharmacy, Health Mart said.

“For independent pharmacists looking to grow their business, the Power Your Partnerships event provides key knowledge and resources to hit the ground running with prescriber partnerships. As the shift to true performance-based reimbursement accelerates, more patients are in these advanced payment programs,” chief operations officer for Thrive Pharmacy Solutions and Power Your Partnerships instructor, John Gregg said. “This has had a major impact on physicians as they face increasing scrutiny on clinical and cost metrics. As a result, prescribers are looking for partners to help them in that process. These partnerships aren’t happening on a large scale yet, so this is a substantial opportunity for independent pharmacists.”

“The changing landscape from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement opens new windows of opportunity for pharmacists who are willing to adapt and embrace these changes,” Bartle’s Pharmacy owner, class facilitator and 2018 McKesson Pharmacy of the Year winner, Heather Ferrarese said. “Town Hall meetings are a great way to network with your peers to help find solutions to problems and stay current with the latest trends.”
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