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HealthHonors uses points system to encourage compliance


BOSTON HealthHonors has launched its new behavior modification technology, a program that aims at motivating patients to adhere to drug therapy and wellness initiatives by using a points-reward system, according to Healthcare IT News.

Dynamic Intermittent Reinforcement uses principles developed by behaviorist B.F. Skinner, including the use of intermittent reinforcement schedules, a linked behavior/reward sequence and education to condition patients and allow them the opportunity to earn points as determined by a suite of complex behavioral algorithms.

The technology provides patients with a way to earn points based on how they respond to the system or what their ongoing behavioral pattern is over a period of weeks or months, said John Sheehan, president and chief executive officer of HealthHonors.

Patients can participate in the system using a Web interface, an interactive voice recognition system by phone, and through a mobile application.

Points can be saved in accounts and be used on health-related rewards such as gift certificates, co-payment discount coupons and fitness equipment, said Sheehan.

HealthHonors also offers a “back-on-track” program or intervention for users who demonstrate reduced adherence. “The programs seek to re-engage patients that may be at risk of dropping out of the program altogether,” said Sheehan.

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