Healthiest You launches price comparison app for procedures, medicines


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Healthiest You, a health-and-wellness startup, on Monday unveiled its mobile app that brings convenience and cost transparency to personal health care, including immediate access to doctors, provider directories, insurance plan information and drug/procedure pricing.


"Everything you need is now finally in one place, taking the guesswork out of care decisions," said Jim Prendergast, CEO of Healthiest You. "For many people, navigating health issues and understanding costs can be overwhelming. Our goal is to reduce the frustration by simplifying many common tasks and by bringing transparency to healthcare. By giving Healthiest You members a wide array of tools on their smartphone, we're like the OpenTable of healthcare."


Healthiest You's app creates a central point for managing personal health needs. With geo-fencing "reminder alert" technology, it can remind consumers of their no-cost telehealth benefits before entering an urgent care facility, ER, doctor's office or pharmacy. Based on their specific geographic area, the tool allows users to see the best pricing for procedures and drugs across multiple providers.


"Healthiest You's innovative approach to simplifying access to personal health management is disrupting the traditional way people deal with medical needs," said Kyle Rolfing, principal of SavvySherpa and founder of Definity Health and RedBrick Health. "They are the antithesis of what comes to mind when you think of the word 'healthcare' - Healthiest You is serving up streamlined, customized, digital access to almost any health-related need consumers have in ways that save both time and money."


The app also strives to make its experience as user-friendly as possible, featuring "social media-style" tools, natural language and provider reviews which mimic familiar shopping sites. 


"Healthiest You's app is the healthcare 'hack' that has been missing in the complicated, cumbersome, confusing world of medical care," said Pat Sir, Healthiest You's president. "Healthiest You empowers consumers with the resources and information they need to take charge of their health in a way they've never been able to before - quickly, conveniently and most importantly - cost effectively."


The Healthiest You app offers:


  • 24/7 access to America's largest telehealth provider network of licensed and credentialed doctors for treatments and free consultations;

  • "Connect Now" - One-touch access for online physician, dental and vision scheduling;

  • Procedure-specific price comparisons for anything from an MRI to knee surgery;

  • Low price finder for prescriptions that can save up to 85%;

  • Crowdsourced ratings and recommendations to help choose a doctor;Instant access to primary plan benefits and eligibility; and

  • Geo-targeted reminders and alternative treatment options to help consumers make smart choices. 

On the wellness tech front, Healthiest You's app is also compatible with 56 fitness tracking technology platforms, like FitBit, Jawbone and Fuelband, allowing it to seamlessly align with users' fitness goals.


The app is free for Healthiest You members and will be available for download for phones and tablets through iOS App Store and Google Play for iOS or Android devices. Healthiest You's membership, which is typically paid for by employers, includes unlimited doctor consultations and use of all the other services included in the app at no additional fees or copays. Healthiest You is available to individuals, employers, payors and self-insured groups exclusively through thousands of insurance partners and agencies across the United States.


Healthiest You averages 40% adoption among its members, the company stated.


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