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Iceshot aims to revolutionize the diabetic community


ADDISON, Texas -- There's a new reusable applicator that freezes injection sites to reduce pain and discomfort, and it's targeted specifically at people with diabetes. 

Iceshot is a personal, topical, dermal numbing unit that is used to numb the skin prior to taking insulin injections.  Within a few quick seconds of holding Iceshot to the skin, the pain of the injections is eased dramatically.


Temporarily relieves pain associated with insulin injections.


1. Remove Iceshot unit from freezer and remove cap

2. Hold Iceshot to skin for thirty seconds or until numb

3. Proceed with normal injection method in the Iceshot affected area

4. Recap and place Iceshot unit back in freezer

Iceshot is a registered medical device with the Food and Drug Administration.  

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