iMedicare rolls out embedded Star Ratings platform

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iMedicare rolls out embedded Star Ratings platform


NEW YORK — iMedicare’s latest launch is looking to make it easier for pharmacists to integrate Star Ratings management into their workflow. The company on Thursday launched a new platform that allows them to monitor Star Ratings and tend to actions without a separate dashboard.

“Pharmacies do not have the time to log into several dashboards daily and check every patient’s adherence, or statin use, or MTM cases. Moreover, each insurance plan calculates star ratings differently,” iMedicare CEO Flaviu Simihaian said. “We use machine learning and augmented reality to give our member pharmacies an edge without any interruption in their workflow.”

The new platform also is able to identify patients that increase a pharmacy’s direct and indirect remuneration fees and triggers an action. The platform uses machine learning to detect a patient’s current plan, subsidy and DIR fee impact, the company said.