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Imprimis to launch compounded Restasis alternative


SAN DIEGO — Opthalmology-focused company Imprimis Pharmaceuticals will be offering a compounded cyclosporine-based formulation to treat dry eye disease, the company announced Thursday. The products will be packaged in multi-use bottles and include Klarity Drops, a formulation developed by ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Lindstrom.

“We believe dry eye disease patients can benefit from unique customized medications that are not commercially available,” Imprimis CEO Mark Baum said. “While physicians who use compounded cyclosporine formulations have anecdotally known this for many years, there is now published data that demonstrates the clinical value of topical Cyclosporine formulations at concentrations greater than those currently available in commercially available medications. We are pleased to be able to offer affordable customized cyclosporine formulations that are designed for patients' individual needs.”

The company said the initial prescription will cost 99 cents for a one-month supply, with refills starting at $79 per month, including shipping.

“Imprimis has long championed issues of access, affordability and competition. While there are an estimated 30 million Americans suffering from dry eye disease, only a small fraction of these patients receive therapy,” Baum said. “We believe that affordability can affect access to needed medications, and it is our hope that our formulations will allow more patients to gain access to a high quality customized cyclosporine treatment option.”

On Tuesday, a Texas judge invalidated Allergan’s patent claims on Restasis — and in the wake of the ruling, Allergan has said it will work to protect its intellectual property. 

“Allergan remains committed to vigorously defending the intellectual property of our products, which allows us to continue to invest in developing and bringing forward new medicines for millions of patients,“ Allergan chief legal officer Robert Bailey said Tuesday. 

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