Innovation makes key enhancements to PharmASSIST Symphony for High Volume


JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. — Innovation has enhanced its PharmASSIST Symphony for High Volume to add customer-inspired features designed to further increase productivity and prescription throughput at central fill pharmacy sites.

“As we plan each of our Symphony for High Volume releases, we carefully weigh input from our central fill customers, and evaluate which feature requests have the potential to benefit all of them. In this series of releases, we incorporated numerous requests that help our customers better reach their ever-increasing goals,” said Alecia Lashier, director, software systems engineering. “Customer collaboration is one of our major strengths as an organization, and we’re committed to continually enhancing their operations by combining their valuable input with pharmacy best practices and Lean manufacturing principals.”

PharmASSIST Symphony for High Volume serves as the operations control center for all aspects of central fill sites’ prescription fulfillment and distribution. Using the system’s customer-specific dashboard, sites receive real-time status and full transparency into all system, user, and fulfillment activity. Symphony’s information management and reporting tools help sites tightly manage and optimize the performance of their system, staff, and high volume workflow on a real-time basis. In a series of recent interim releases of Symphony for High Volume V12, key enhancements impacting central fill sites include:

Digital Canister Replenishment/Verification: Innovation’s high volume robotics systems employ canister technology to store high-moving medication inventory and automatically replenish dispensers without interruption. Sites can now view real-time, zoomed-in digital images of canister replenishment, helping speed up canister verification approvals. Additionally, sites can now request product restocks while performing replenishments, and perform Return-to-Stock of vials/bottles directly to canisters.

Automated Delivery Schedule Management: Enhances the system’s current intelligent demand management and prioritization by enabling sites to use Symphony to schedule all courier pick-ups and delivery processes. This streamlines prescription pickup and deliveries to the respective pharmacies, reducing manual intervention on order prioritization and increasing customer satisfaction.

Optimized Rx Package Handling: Sites can now package any prescription order at any available workstation instead of waiting for a specifically assigned workstation to become available. Additionally, sites can eliminate packaging bottlenecks by setting a user-defined “timeout” on the packaging of patient group orders. Upon reaching the timeout, sites can package all prescriptions available for packaging, independent of other prescriptions in the same patient group that require further staff intervention.

Innovation is a provider of pharmacy intelligence and pharmacy automation to the retail, hospital, government, and mail order pharmacy markets. Its PharmASSIST family of pharmacy automation and process optimization solutions are intended to enable all types of pharmacies to increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety, and provide a higher quality of patient care.

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