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Iomai and Merck work together to test new vaccine patch


WASHINGTON Iomai Corp. made an agreement with Merck to study Iomai’s new vaccine that does not provide a needle for treatment, but a patch, according to published reports.

Treatment for the patch is given by placing it over an area where one would place a vaccine injection, and the vaccine would pass through the skin and reach certain cells to boost the immune system.

An earlier study, which sparked original interest in the new technology, included a 500-person clinical trial that showed that one dose of the vaccine patch was able to protect patients from pandemic flu, and was needed only once, as opposed to the injection, which needed two doses to have the same results, according to published reports,

The terms of Iomai and Merck’s agreement were not made public, but Merck does have first option to choose an exclusive licensing agreement for the vaccine patch.

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