Kalorama retail clinic survey identifies opportunity for diagnostic manufacturers


ROCKVILLE, Md. — Kalorama Information said that most retail clinic visitors arrive at clinics with a good idea of what ails them, according to a survey of customers released Monday. More than half consumers (52%) polled by Kalorama reported that they entered the clinic knowing what they needed and what their ailment was.  

But as many as 31% reported they had a general idea of what their ailment might be but medical attendant had to do some diagnosis and 16% did not know what the ailment was.

"It's not entirely surprising given the current narrow practice focus of the clinics,"  stated Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information.  "Colds and earaches are clinically obvious, and a person that wants a flu shot knows that's why they are entering the clinics."

Kalorama suggests that the survey may actually indicate an opportunity for medical device companies, particularly makers of diagnostic equipment.

"While currently small, there is some group that will be in need of diagnosis, and that's an opportunity for point-of-care diagnostic providers," Carlson suggested.

Kalorama Information conducted a survey of 2,095 adults matching average U.S. demographics.  The result was published in Kalorama Information's latest report: Retail Clinics 2017: The Game-Changer in Healthcare.  


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