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Kaloroma: Retail clinics represent big business for IVD products, POC testing


NEW YORK - With the number of U.S. clinics located within retail locations exceeding 2,000, they have become an important target for in vitro diagnostic products and point-of-care testing, Kalorama Information reported Wednesday.

"Point-of-care test makers in particular should be aware of this growing trend," stated Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information, in a recent webinar. "You see companies like Alere and Roche making products for common ailments that can fit in smaller locales.  They are thinking of urgent care, but also with an eye towards the new venues."

There is more than  $200 billion in supplier sales to these centers, Kalorama found its most recent research report.  The trend is now large enough to be part of manufacturer strategy and a realistic sales target for IVD and pharmaceutical companies. Kalorama said that sales of three types of products to retail clinics – vaccines, POC tests and lab tests – reached $240 million in 2015, with vaccines accounting for a greater share than POC tests or laboratory tests.

This reflects total annual growth of more than 26% per year since 2010, when retail clinics accounted for about $75 million in purchases of these products.


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