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Kentucky calls for a national prescription-monitoring system


LEXINGTON, Ky. Capt. Kevin Payne, commander of Kentucky’s police Drug Enforcement-Special Investigations unit for the eastern half of the state is calling for a national prescription-monitoring system similar to Kentucky’s statewide system, according to the Heald-Leader.

Officials in the state are saying that there is an increase in drugs being smuggled into Kentucky from other states and that by adding a national system like there system, which is called the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting, it would help dramatically in avoiding this problem.

Work is under way to establish such programs in more states, however, and to create a national system for them to share information. Of the 41 states that have gotten grants, 29 have prescription-monitoring systems in place and five more will set them up this year, while others are designing or planning systems, according to U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers’ office.

The U.S. Department of Justice is working to create a Web-based system for states to share information from prescription-monitoring programs.

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