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Kerr Drug launches statewide Flugram influenza vaccination program


RALEIGH, N.C. Kerr Drug is partnering with Novartis Vaccines to develop a program that will allow patients to reserve flu vaccinations before and during the flu season.

FluGram, a gift-giving program, allows customers to purchase the vaccination for themselves and their loved ones during October and November at all participating Kerr Drug pharmacies, as well as online at, the company announced Thursday.

“By making it easier to get an influenza vaccination, Kerr Drug is helping to protect the health of our customers and their families,” said Diane Eliezer, director of marketing for Kerr Drug.

The new FluGram program is designed to make flu vaccinations more convenient and accessible for all. Purchasers can help protect those they love, who might not ordinarily seek an influenza vaccination on their own, by “giving the gift of health” through pre-paid influenza vaccination cards. Card holders can visit Kerr Drug to receive their influenza vaccination from a qualified health professional.

“The Influenza vaccination is the best protection we have to help prevent the spread of this contagious disease,” Eliezer said. “This is the first time we’ve offered this type of vaccination program, so our pharmacy teams are excited about the one-of-a-kind gift card.”

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