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Keystone Folding Box wins NACDS award for limited opioid prescriptions blister pack

Keystone Folding Box, a designer and cGMP manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has received an award from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores for a limited opioid dose version of its Ecoslide-RX blister package.

Selected as the NACDS Total Store Expo Product Showcase winner in the “Pharmacy Operations, Equipment and Services” category, the solution also exemplifies the types of prescription-limiting, product theft-averse solutions called for in the Opioid Crisis Response Act, which passed the U.S. Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support on Sept. 17.

Blister packages have been highlighted as useful tools in fighting both overprescribing of painkillers and their subsequent abuse. Keystone’s modified, customizable version of its Ecoslide-RX prescription blister package is designed to limit dosages, discourage pill theft and improve dispensing safety.

Earlier iterations of the Ecoslide-RX blister package have been recognized by the Institute of Packaging Professionals, or IoPP, and the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council of Europe, or HCPC-Europe.

Contract packager Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging currently has high-speed lines dedicated to filling prescription drugs in Ecoslide-RX blister packs.

The lower dose count Ecoslide-RX was introduced in response to efforts by the FDA and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, or ISMP, to implement product packaging changes that deter opioid abuse. In an effort to combat dependency and overdoses, the design of the Ecoslide-RX allows doctors to prescribe smaller quantities of opioid medication via limited days of dosing presented in blister packs. The packaging also provides numerical identification of each dose, eliminating the possibility of pill-count errors.

Major benefits of Keystone’s original Ecoslide-RX package also are incorporated into the opioids prescription package. The pack includes a reclosable locking feature, offering consumers a safe yet streamlined experience. Child-resistant (F=1) yet senior-friendly, Ecoslide-RX also is versatile by design, meaning it can be adjusted to accommodate patients with dexterity issues. Additionally, the blister pack’s broad format allows for pictographs and larger texts on all sides for easier patient instruction and accessibility.

Ecoslide-RX is comprised of 100% recyclable paperboard, and the packaging separates easily from its internal blister for easy recycling.

“We are so pleased that the potential of Ecoslide-RX to help curb opioid abuse was recognized with the NACDS award,” Keystone director of marketing and business development Ward Smith said in a statement. “With the Senate passage of the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018, we believe our product will go a long way toward supporting the pharmaceutical industry’s goal of combatting this ongoing epidemic.”
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