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Lack of sleep can prompt issues controlling blood sugar among Type 1 diabetics


DARIEN, Ill. — A new study published in the recent issue of Sleep has found that young Type 1 diabetics may have difficulty controlling their blood-sugar levels due to lack of sleep.

Examining the sleep health of 50 Type 1 diabetics ages 10 to 16 years, researchers led by Michelle Perfect of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that, when compared with a control group, diabetics spent more time in a lighter stage of sleep than those without diabetes. The lack of sleep was associated with compromised school performance and higher blood-sugar levels, the researchers said. As a result, the study authors concluded that "sleep should be routinely assessed as part of diabetes management in youth with Type 1 diabetes."

“Sleep problems were associated with lower grades, poorer performance on state standardized tests, poor quality of life and abnormalities in daytime behavior,” Perfect said. “On the upside, sleep is a potentially modifiable health behavior, so these kids could be helped by a qualified professional to get a better night’s sleep.”

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