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Liberty Software's Amplicare integration helps pharmacies improve workflow

Pharmacies using Liberty Software are able to proactively improve patient care through Liberty’s pharmacy software integration with Amplicare, a leading decision automation platform that uses patient data and intelligently identifies opportunities for healthcare providers.

The proactive alerts integrated with Liberty’s platform offer a greater range of workflow automation for pharmacists to improve productivity and patient care.

“With the tighter integration of Amplicare’s platform to Liberty Software’s platform, our pharmacies are the first in the marketplace to receive proactive patient opportunities in their daily workflow within the pharmacy software and fully quantifiable ROI through the pharmacy POS integration,” Liberty Software’s executive vice president Jeremy Manchester said. “Liberty Software is always looking for ways to improve patient care, and this seamless, integrated solution with Amplicare is a strategic fit that will prove invaluable for our pharmacies.”

The Amplicare platform features the following:

  • Amplicare Connect improves patient satisfaction by helping them with adherence and staying on top of their refills with automated phone calls in the voice of their pharmacist;

  • Amplicare Restore recognizes patients who could benefit from taking over-the-counter supplements based on their active prescriptions that deplete key nutrients;

  • Amplicare Impact helps pharmacies identify opportunities to interact with patients who are impacting their performance metrics;

  • iMedicare enables pharmacies to compare Medicare plans in seconds, improves patient retention, drives new business and improves patient care; and

  • Amplicare Assist automatically highlights opportunities generated from any of the other Amplicare tools, tying everything together in the pharmacy daily workflow without the need to visit another dashboard to retrieve opportunities.

“Pharmacies have more dashboards today than ever before, yet less time to perform the key activities that need their greatest attention,” Amplicare CEO Matt Johnson said. “By deeply integrating with Liberty Software, we empower pharmacies to execute on the most valuable interventions for their patients at the right time and place in their daily workflow.”
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