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Lilly creates new drug discovery initiative


INDIANAPOLIS A U.S. drug maker has created a new drug discovery initiative that will use its disease-state analyses and a secure Web portal to look for potential new drugs in university and biotechnology labs.

Eli Lilly & Co. announced Monday that findings from its PD2 initiative, pronounced “PD-squared” and short for the Lilly Phonotypic Drug Discovery Initiative, could lead to partnerships between the Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company and other institutions to develop drugs that treat Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

“Each year, researchers throughout the world design and synthesize compounds in university and biotechnology laboratories that are never fully evaluated as potential drug candidates,” Lilly VP discovery chemistry research and technologies Alan Palkowitz said. “There’s an untapped source of ideas and compounds in the greater scientific community that could ultimately impact patients’ lives following further evaluation and development.”

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