Lyrica found to alleviate diabetes pain in feet and hands


ALEXANDRIA, Va. A review of previous studies by the journal Diabetes Care indicates that Pfizer’s seizure drug Lyrica is safe and effective for relieving diabetic neuropathy, the pain that diabetics often experience in their feet and hands, as reported by Reuters.

The analysis of data involved seven studies of the drug, with dosages of 150, 300, and 600 milligrams daily and study durations from five to 13 weeks.

Roy Freeman of Harvard Medical School in Boston and colleagues report that “pregabalin, (Lyrica), significantly reduced pain and pain-related sleep interference” with all three dosages when divided into three pills taken throughout the day. Only the highest dosage was effective when divided into two pills.

With the 600 mg daily dose, it typically took four days for a sustained reduction in pain. With the 300 and 150 mg daily doses, it took five days and 13 days, respectively.

While the 600 mg dose was the most effective, it was also the most likely to cause side effects. Common side-effects included dizziness, sleepiness, and swelling in the legs and arms.

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