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Lyrica produces 'significant' improvement in restless legs syndrome


NEW YORK — A drug made by Pfizer shows "significant" benefit to patients with restless legs syndrome, according to results of a late-stage clinical trial announced Friday.

The drug maker said Lyrica (pregabalin) produced statistically significant improvements in patients with RLS compared with placebo and pramipexole after 12 weeks of treatment. In the phase-3 study, A0081186, 300 mg of Lyrica, 0.25 mg of pramipexole, 0.5 mg of pramipexole or placebo was given to patients on a daily basis.

RLS is a neurological condition that causes an unpleasant, irresistible urge to move the legs and sometimes other parts of the body, usually in the evening and at night, resulting in difficulty falling or staying asleep.

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