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Mass' Eaton Apothecary signs agreement for Med-eMonitor


ROCKVILLE, Md. InforMedix Holdings, developer of the Med-eMonitor System for medication adherence and disease management, has signed a distribution agreement with Eaton Apothecary.

According to the agreement, Eaton Apothecary will distribute the Med-eMonitor System in its pharmacies in Weston and Newton Mass., as a trial that could potentially expand to more of its stores once proven successful.

InforMedix’s Med-eMonitor System is an interactive “smart pillbox” for medication adherence, monitored by healthcare professionals at 24/7 call centers. In addition to storing medications and tracking patient adherence to their health plans, the Med-eMonitor provides healthcare professionals with real-time alerts when patients miss their medications or if their health declines. InforMedix believes that the device promises to be especially helpful for members of the baby boomer generation who are taking care of the elderly as well as young children.

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