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Mature voters in Arizona support Medicare negotiating drug prices: Survey

Almost three-quarters (72%) of voters age 50 years old and older in Arizona support allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, according to a new AARP poll conducted in partnership with Politico.

The poll also oversampled Hispanic and Latino voters, and found that health care is a “very important” issue (75%) in determining their vote in the midterm elections in November.

“If candidates want to win in November, they cannot ignore the issues that matter most to voters age 50 and up,” AARP’s executive vice president and chief advocacy and engagement officer Nancy LeaMond said.

“Older voters are routinely the largest age group to vote in mid-term elections, and they will no doubt show up in force in November. AARP is mobilizing older voters and making sure they know where candidates stand on the issues.”

The Arizona poll also found the following:
• A majority of 50-plus voters say Social Security (78%), health care (76%) and Medicare (75%) are “very important” issues as they cast their vote in November.
• Voters who are 50 and over want Washington to take action to lower prescription drug costs, with 72% saying they support allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.
•A majority (87%) of 50-plus voters “strongly support” (56%) or “somewhat support” (31%) a state income tax credit for family caregivers.
•A majority (77%) of 50-plus voters support maintaining Medicaid funding for low-income Arizona seniors, while only 10% support Medicaid cuts.
•Sixty-two percent of 50-plus voters believe the Department of Veteran Affairs is doing either a “very bad job” (28%) or “somewhat bad job” (34%) of meeting the needs of veterans, and 76% believe mental health is a “major problem” for veterans.
•Ninety-five percent of 50-plus voters “strongly agree” (76%) or “somewhat agree” (19%) that older workers should be protected from age discrimination.

The Politico-AARP poll, conducted by Morning Consult, surveyed 1,641 registered voters in Arizona from June 29 to July 9. For voters 50 years old and older, the poll surveyed 834 registered voters. For Hispanic voters, the poll surveyed 494 registered voters.
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