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Mayne to launch halobetasol

Mayne Pharma has acquired the U.S. and Australian rights to halobetasol foam 0.05% for about $32 million.

The Food and Drug Administration approved halobetasol in May. Mayne is planning to launch the product in early 2019.

Halobetasol foam is a potent corticosteroid used to treat plaque psoriasis. Plaque psoriasis affects more than 7.5 million Americans with potent topical corticosteroids prescribed to approximately 80% of psoriasis patients diagnosed.

The market for potent topical corticosteroids is estimated at $600 million, according to the company.
“Halobetasol foam is a new formulation that provides a highly desirable treatment option for patients in the management of plaque psoriasis,” said Mayne’s CEO Scott Richards.“Adding halobetasol foam to our dermatology product portfolio is a material step forward in supporting psoriasis patients.”

In a separate development, Mayne named Brant Schofield as executive vice president of specialty brands.

Brant has more than 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, including more than 15 years at Galderma Laboratories. Previously, he was vice president and general manager of dermatology at Sandoz US.
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