MEDA Pharmaceuticals releases prescription Astepro Nasal Spray to combat seasonal allergic rhinitis


SOMERSET, N.J. MEDA Pharmaceuticals announced Thursday the release of prescription Astepro Nasal Spray (azelastine hydrochloride), a new medication for seasonal allergic rhinitis, which affects as many as 40 million Americans. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug for treating seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients 12 and older.

"When pollen counts are at their highest, and nasal allergy symptoms erupt, patients simply want effective and fast-acting relief of nasal symptoms, including congestion, with a well-tolerated medication," University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine associate clinical professor Chuck Siegel said in a statement. "For some allergy sufferers, Astepro may be an appropriate treatment to use instead of other antihistamines and before intranasal steroids."

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