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Medi-Promotions announces launch of Medi-Scripts PLUS


CHICAGO Medi-Promotions, the originator of Medi-Scripts prescription pads, announced the launch of its next generation prescription pad model called Medi-Scripts PLUS, the company said Monday.

Medi-Scripts PLUS takes the prescribers’ prescription pads one step further by including patient offers, such as vouchers, temporary stored-value/loyalty cards, coupons and rebates from pharmaceutical sponsors. This new model is aimed directly at initiating new patient starts for a therapy.

The Medi-Scripts PLUS pilot program, which launched Monday, will provide 2,000 pilot recipients with the new prescription pads in early 2008. The initial pilot will be a three-month program delivered to 2,000 prescribers based on a subset of brand targets.

A recent survey of 176 primary care physicians found that 91 percent currently distribute coupons and vouchers. Another survey of 100 physicians found that physicians are more likely to distribute a coupon or voucher if attached to a prescription. “Our promotional products provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with an alternative sampling opportunity for all phases of their products’ lifecycles,” said Richard Zwickel, vice president of Medi-Scripts PLUS.

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