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Medisafe expands pharma offering to tackle 4 challenges


PHILADELPHIA —  Monday at the EyeforPharma Patient Summit USA, medication management platform company Medisafe announced that it would be expanding its pharma offering to include four branded packages: Medisafe Adherence, Medisafe Engagement, Medisafe Insights and Medisafe Cobranding. Though they can be purchased separately, the group can be bundled into the “Way Beyond the Pill” program. 


 “Collaborating with our partners and listening intently to the market, we've built 'Way Beyond the Pill' to be flexible and scalable, yet cohesive,” Medisafe EVP marketing and business development Jon Michaeli said. “We've segmented the offering to allow pharma brands to choose the solutions that best address their most pressing challenges today, from lasting patient engagement to behavioral insights that inform marketing initiatives, to improving their consumer-facing image, to recouping revenues from missed refills as a means to sustain R&D levels. At the same time, the packages are modular and can be bundled together for real measurable impact across all of these dimensions.”


Medisafe’s adherence package allows pharma patients access to a set of medication and refill reminders, as well as dependent care and measurement/biometric tracking. It also auto-populates complex dosing schedules. Medisafe Engagement personalizes its  Updates Feed to a user’s medications, conditions and app activity. It allows for pharma companies to put branded and un-branded content, as well as educational tools and resources into the feed. 


Medisafe Insights uses de-identified patient data to help companies understand patient behavior through looking at patient demographics, medication switches, adherence trends as they relate to brands and generics in a drug class and others. And Medisafe Cobranding allows brands to add their logo, content, product imagery, branded messages and more into Medisafe’s entry screen while offering tools and resources for patients. 


"Over many years of experience in the industry, I've had the opportunity to partner with pharmaceutical brands to identify and create opportunities to improve patient outcomes and experience," Giant Creative Strategy chief growth officer Eric Steckelman said. "With these expanded offerings, Medisafe is providing tools to address critical challenges and provide a unique personalized offering through its real-time, real-life data for its customers and users."


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