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Medisafe, GoodRx partner to encourage medication adherence


BOSTON — Medisafe, a mobile health platform for medication management, on Tuesday announced its partnership with GoodRx, a prescription price comparison platform.

GoodRx and Medisafe aim to help consumers save on prescriptions by integrating the former’s database of prescription prices and discounts with the latter’s medication management app.

“We are making it easier than ever for the 70% of Americans who regularly take a prescription drug to adhere to their medication schedules,” Doug Hirsch, co-founder and co-CEO of GoodRx, said.

The rising cost of medications is linked with non-adherence, according to Medisafe.

"Higher copays and coinsurance rates from public health exchanges and private insurers are putting a heavy financial burden on consumers,” Jon Michaeli, EVP of marketing and business development for Medisafe, said. “That's not healthy for them, and it's not healthy for our healthcare system overall. Numerous studies have linked higher medication costs to lower adherence. Working with GoodRx, we can reverse this trend with an economic impact of billions of dollars in savings annually."          

One study indicated that patients with chronic conditions decreased their use of medication by up to 23% in reaction to the doubling of copayments, Medisafe said. Because pharmacy benefit managers are growing formulary exclusion lists, patients must decide between alternate medication not prescribed by their doctor and opting out of treatment.

Patients are also seeing medication itself rising in cost. Half of all generic drugs increased in price from August 2013 to August 2014, and 24% of Americans have difficulty paying for prescriptions, according to Medisafe.

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