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Medisafe rolls out commercial offering for pharmaceutical companies


BOSTON -- After several test pilots over the past year and a half, medication management platform Medisafe has launched Medisafe for Pharma.

Medisafe announced it has now bundled a number of services into a software license that helps pharmaceutical companies increase adherence to their medications while gaining actionable de-identified insights generated by complex self-learning algorithms analyzing billions of user engagement data points Medisafe has collected to date.

Medisafe's pharma offering simultaneously addresses all three major challenges attributed to non-adherence: patient quality of care (e.g. higher emergency and mortality rates), health care system costs (e.g. higher hospitalization rates) and lost revenues (e.g. fewer prescription refills). Pharma and pharmacies share the burden of lost revenues, estimated at $188 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

According to the company, Medisafe for Pharma enables pharmaceutical companies to:

  • significantly improve adherence from industry average rates

  • co-brand and customize the Medisafe interface for their patients

  • target and engage patients with educational content (e.g. videos, articles), patient assistance programs (e.g. copay cards), telecare services and other resources into the Medisafe "feed"

  • monitor ongoing adherence showing demographic trends, cohort-level insights, competitive benchmarking, etc.

  • automatically populate complex dosing schedules into the app to eliminate challenges of manual entry and ensure users receive accurate and timely reminder notifications

  • collaborate with Medisafe on patient recruitment

  • offer prescribers a provider-patient care management interface

"At Medisafe we are privileged to help patients stay in control of their health while offering pharma a vehicle to recoup billions of dollars in lost revenue and sustain their level of R&D investment towards therapies that  improve and extend life," said Jon Michaeli, Medisafe's EVP of marketing and business development. "Medisafe for Pharma is an essential 'Beyond the Pill' initiative for any pharmaceutical or life sciences company looking to increase adherence while engaging and learning from patients in the real world. Medisafe is uniquely positioned to produce high-ROI engagements given the millions invested, experience amassed, and user base established in the three plus years since its launch."

Medisafe's AI-driven personalized user interface (UI) delivers a tailored contextual experience to each user, and the company's role as an unbiased third party assists patients with all of their medications to improve their health holistically.


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