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Medtronic launches remote glucose-monitoring system


MINNEAPOLIS — Medtronic has launched a blood-glucose monitor that allows remote monitoring of blood-glucose levels, the company said.

The Minneapolis-based device maker announced the Food and Drug Administration approval and launch of the mySentry remote glucose monitor, which allows a parent or caregiver to monitor a patient's blood-sugar levels from another room by communicating with the MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time Revel glucose-monitoring system.

The new device allows caregivers to see real-time insulin pump status and glucose trends and hear alerts while an adult or child with diabetes sleeps in another room. For example, if a child's glucose levels are falling in the middle of the night, an alarm will allow them to take action. According to one study, about 75% of all episodes of abnormally low blood sugar in children, also known as hypoglycemia, occur at night.

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