Meijer provides free antibiotics, pre-natal vitamin prescriptions; receives recognition from MPCA


LANSING, Mich. Meijer has received the Legacy of Leadership award from the Michigan Primary Care Association for its program dispending free antibiotic and free pre-natal vitamins to patients, the company said Thursday.

Meijer was given the award at MPCA’s 29th Annual Distinguished Service Awards luncheon. MPCA is a nonprofit organization representing Michigan’s Community Health Centers and other community community-based health services providers.

“The Michigan Primary Care Association Legacy of Leadership Award annually recognizes the performance of exemplary leadership to benefit Michigan Community Health Center patients, many of whom are low-income and/or uninsured. … MPCA and our 32-member Health Centers applaud [Meijer]’s groundbreaking initiatives to help improve the health of Michigan residents,” Kim Sibilsky, MPCA executive director said.

Meijer initiated the free antibiotics program available to customers throughout the Midwest two years ago. Since its inception, about 2.7 million general antibiotics prescriptions have been filled for free, the company said. Meijer estimated that its customers have saved more than $45 million.

The free pre-natal vitamin program was started this past June. Meijer has said that it has already dispensed more than 50,000 pre-natal vitamin prescriptions for free, saving customers about $700,000.

There are no health insurance coverage or co-pay requirements to sign up for the free antibiotics or free pre-natal vitamins programs at Meijer’s pharmacy, the company said. More information is available through the company’s homepage at

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