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Merck signs value-based contract with Aetna for Januvia, Janumet


HARTFORD, Conn. — Merck and Aetna have entered into a value-based agreement for Merck’s Type  diabetes medications Januvia (sitagliptin) and Janumet (sitagliptin plus metformin. The contract will see Merck’s rebates for the drugs based partly on their ability to help Aetna’s commercial members with Type 2 diabetes achieve or maintain treatment goals. 


“At Aetna, we believe that focusing on how physicians prescribe medications in real-world settings is a key element in determining the value of the treatment,” Aetna EVP and chief medical officer Dr. Harold Paz said. “It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that patients receive appropriate medicines to help patients achieve their treatment goals.”


Earlier this year, Cigna signed similar value-based agreement with Amgen for its Repatha, as well as with Sanofi and Regeneron for their Praluent, both members of a potentially pricey new class of drugs that treat high cholesterol. 


“Merck shares Aetna’s commitment to focusing on patients, and we are confident that the value-based agreement will help advance our common goal of helping patients with type 2 diabetes,” Merck president U.S. market, Global Human Health Robert McMahon said. 


In a separate initiative, Merck will be the first healthcare company to participate in AetnaCare, a health and wellness initiative that provides members personalized knowledge, tools and support to be more proactive in managing their health. AetnaCare combines real-time identification of target populations, customized care maps that provide evidence-based actions for specific conditions and health ecosystem curation to bring  together appropriate clinical and non-clinical services. 


Merck has used its insights and knowledge to create educational resources and tools to address patient engagement, behavior and adherence. The program will initially target patients with hypertension and diabetes in the mid-Atlantic markets. 


“Merck is pleased to collaborate with Aetna on this unique patient-centered approach to care by sharing our adherence and educational resources to help support the health and wellness of AetnaCare members,” McMahon said. 


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