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My Healthy Access, NuPhysicia open Telemedicine clinic at Texas Wal-Mart


HOUSTON My Healthy Access and NuPhysicia have announced the grand opening of their jointly operated “Walk-In Telemedicine Health Care” clinic with the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Pearland, Texas.

“Changing to a Telemedicine-based health care delivery system allows us to substantially decrease our per-patient overhead, while simultaneously increasing the level of care each patient receives,” stated Kathleen Delaney, president of My Healthy Access. “We are thrilled at the positive response that we have received from our physician directed Telemedicine services, and I have no doubt that this delivery system is the future of retail health care.”

Under the previously announced operating agreement with NuPhysicia, a provider of health care services, and Wal-Mart, the telemedicine clinics operate under the trade name “Walk-In Telemedicine Health Care.”

The telemedicine program, which is one of the service lines of NuPhysicia, enables physicians to serve patients using remote telemedicine through paramedics who examine patients under direct supervision of a physician. In other words, the paramedic serves as the “hands” of the physician while the physician sees and hears everything live in real time.

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