NACDS activates emergency prescription database


ALEXANDRIA, Va. For the first time since the program went live this summer, chain pharmacy has activated its “in-case-of-emergency” online prescription data base,, on Wednesday in response to the wildfire situation in Southern California. “For chain pharmacies providing care to evacuees displaced by the fires in Southern California, SureScripts and the nation’s pharmacies have activated access to Emergency Rx History,” stated Steven Anderson, president and chief executive officer of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. “This will make it possible for pharmacies to obtain and fill some people’s prescriptions through the use of a secure network, even when the prescription is at another pharmacy.” was born out of another initiative spearheaded by the pharmacy industry——which warehoused prescription drug information in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

NACDS also participates in RxResponse, a collaborative effort designed to help support the continued delivery of medicines during a severe public health emergency, but there is no current need to activate that program, Anderson said. “With the pharmaceutical supply chain operating without disruption and most pharmacies able to serve their patients, RxResponse will not be formally activated at this time, but will continue to remain on alert to assess the situation and respond as needed. This is good news, in terms of the current state of prescription medication availability, as well as the fact that RxResponse is demonstrating its ability to facilitate communications and quickly assess situations.”

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