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NACDS announces recipients of sponsored awards


SAN DIEGO Five retail pharmacy industry leaders received awards from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores at its 2008 Pharmacy & Technology Conference, NACDS announced Wednesday.

Warren Bryant, president, chairman and chief executive officer of Longs Drug Stores, received the Fougera Pharmacy Scholarship Award from David Klaum, Fougera’s senior vice president of commercial operations. In Bryant’s honor, Fougera also contributed $25,000 to the NACDS Foundation Pharmacy Student Scholarship Program.

Frank DeStefano, divisional vice president of pharmacy purchasing for Walgreens, received the award from IMS Health, which also donated $10,000 to the NACDS Foundation. The award honors a person or group that values the importance of data in fact-based communication regarding pharmacy operations.

Dennis Wiesner, senior director of privacy, regulatory, government and industry affairs and pharmacy managed care for H-E-B, received the Novartis Pharmaceutical Alliance Award. The award honors the incoming chairman of the 2009 Pharmacy & Technology Conference. Novartis Pharmaceuticals also donated $10,000 to the NACDS Foundation.

Christ Dimos, president of pharmacy operations for Supervalu, received the Novo Nordisk Chairman’s Award, which goes to the chairman of the 2008 conference. Novo Nordisk also donated $10,000 to the NACDS Foundation.

Rebecca Snead, chief executive officer and executive vice president of the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, received the UCB Leadership in Pharmacy Award, which recognizes leadership and actions that have significantly affected the pharmacy profession. UCB also contributed $10,000 to the NACDS Foundation.

“We are pleased to join our award sponsors in recognizing and highlighting the significant contributions these award recipients have made to advance community pharmacy’s patient care services,” NACDS Foundation President Phil Schneider said. “The contributions presented to the foundation as part of the awards will enhance our missing of aiding pharmacy [students’ pursuit of] their patient care education.”

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