NanoInk to direct workshop on reducing counterfeiting and illegal diversion of pharmaceuticals


SKOKIE, Ill. NanoInk’s vice president of business development will be leading an interactive discussion at the Third Annual Global Pharma Manufacturing Summit later this week, the company said.

Jim Whittle will be representing NanoInk as a guest speaker for a workshop called “Protect the Patient, Not the Package”, to convey the dangers of not shielding unit dosage for patients’ medications from possible counterfeit.

“I will show how unit dosage protection can be vital to providing the highest level of patient safety and why it should be utilized as part of a multilayered approach to fighting anti-counterfeiting and illegal diversion,” Whittle said.

The FDA estimates that nearly 15 percent of all pharmaceuticals imported to the U.S. contain contaminants, wrong ingredients, or incorrect amounts or insufficient quantities of active ingredients. As this problem grows, the company said, the need for on-product brand protection is becoming increasingly urgent, not only for pharmaceutical companies but also for the safety of consumers. From this situation, NanoInk’s developed Nanoencryption technology, which provides the only true forensic level track and trace brand protection at the unit level.

The Global Pharma Manufacturing Summit brings together pharmaceutical professionals to discuss the current state of affairs and guidelines in the industry and discusses new way that manufacturing and packaging processes can be improved. 

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