The National Council of Aging, CVS/pharmacy educate seniors on medication management


PHILADELPHIA The National Council on Aging and CVS/pharmacy are offering seniors a one-on-one medication consultation with a local CVS pharmacist.

The Pack Your Bag medication consultation program gives seniors the opportunity to pack a bag with their medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements, for a comprehensive review. The program also includes a presentation by the pharmacist on improving health through medication compliance and advice on how to save money on medications.

"It's important to review your medication regimen with your pharmacist on a regular basis, especially when filling a new prescription," said William Hanna, R.Ph., pharmacy supervisor at CVS/pharmacy. "For older people who often see multiple doctors, the pharmacy is a central point of care where potential drug interactions can be averted. What's more, pharmacists are aware of the latest generic medications available and can suggest ways our patients can save money while maintaining good health. This is especially important in these economic times."

This summer, 24 Pack Your Bag events will take place throughout Pennsylvania.

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