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NCPA urges Senate confirmation of FTC commissioners, more vigorous approach to PBMs


ALEXANDRIA, Va. After the Senate Commerce Committee conducted a hearing on the nominations of Julie Brill and Edith Ramirez to the Federal Trade Commission, an organization representing the nation's independent pharmacies issued a statement commending the choices.

The National Community Pharmacists Association's EVP and CEO Bruce Roberts said that community pharmacies and the patients they serve would benefit from having a more "rigorous, pro-consumer, antitrust agenda" with the nominations of Brill and Ramirez to the Federal Trade Commission.

Roberts added that since the FTC is responsible for monitoring and enforcing consumer protection and business competition laws, the administration should hold such businesses as pharmacy benefit managers accountable for their actions.

“Today, prescription drugs make up the most rapidly growing segment of healthcare spending, and efforts to curb waste and fraud are more critical than ever," Roberts said. "We hope that, with these nominations, the administration is indicating its commitment to hold PBMs accountable and to work with community pharmacists to improve health care. There are several shifts in the FTC’s policy towards prescription drug benefits that would best serve patient needs."

Click here to read the full statement.

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