New pharmacist nutrient depletion tool introduced by iMedicare


NEW YORK — IMedicare introduced a nutrient depletion tool intended to help pharmacies increase profits outside of the annual Medicare enrollment period.

Outside of open enrollment, the iMedicare platform offers various opportunities for pharmacies to consult with patients, increase reimbursements and manage DIR fees. Automatically generated lists are provided relating to improving pharmacy Star Ratings, identifying newly eligible Medicare patients, time-saving outreach options for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries with year-round opportunities and accessibility to a formulary lookup tool which provides patients with alternative coverage options and pricing for drugs or Medicare plans.

“Our engineering team has developed an intuitive way for pharmacies to identify patients at risk for drug-induced nutrient depletion. The decision-platform seamlessly integrates into pharmacies’ workflows to effectively engage patients for better health outcomes while also increasing pharmacy revenue,” said Matthew Johnson, Pharm.D., co-founder and COO of iMedicare.

Whit Moose, head pharmacist and owner of Moose Pharmacy in Mount Pleasant, N.C., an early adopter of iMedicare’s nutrient depletion platform, will hold a webinar to discuss best practices for pharmacies looking to expand patient offerings in nutrient depletion counseling. For more information on the webinar, click here.

IMedicare is a decision-automation platform that intelligently reduces patients’ out-of-pocket costs for the top pharmacies across the country. Over 5,000 pharmacies use iMedicare.

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