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Nielsen launches Diabetes*Buzz


NEW YORK The Nielsen Company last week launched Diabetes*Buzz and Healthcare Marketing Mix, two new services of NielsenHealth.

“Diabetes*Buzz and Healthcare Marketing Mix will provide unique, specialized insights into healthcare consumer attitudes and behaviors,” stated Matt Dumas, managing director, NielsenHealth. ”Among many uses we envision with these services, Diabetes*Buzz, for example, will enable those involved in health state management a greater understanding of patient experiences and attitudes to ultimately enhance patient care. Additionally, with both Diabetes*Buzz and Healthcare Marketing Mix, healthcare providers, manufacturers, pharmacies and other pharmacy retailers will have more relevant information to better serve the needs of their consumers.”

Diabetes*Buzz is focused on continuously monitoring the current perceptions and attitudes of diabetes and its impact on patient lifestyle. Using Nielsen BuzzMetrics’ Internet-tracking technology, Diabetes*Buzz reviews consumer-generated messages on the Internet to provide critical insights into attitudes, online discussion volume and sentiments. The service additionally uses brand mapping to help determine ongoing patient and caregiver issues and concerns. Diabetes*Buzz will also integrate sales data for products and issues across major diabetes categories, including pharmaceutical therapy, testing supplies, vitamins and supplements.

“Helping our clients in the healthcare space better understand diabetes from the perspective of patients and caregivers is incredibly important. Diabetes*Buzz provides a key link in building that understanding,” stated Melissa Davies, research director of healthcare, Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

Healthcare Marketing Mix provides an assessment of the effectiveness of marketing and promotional investment. Using algorithms and modeling techniques, Healthcare Marketing Mix helps address marketing and sales challenges, including the strategic allocation of marketing resources across professional programs and direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns, optimizing physician detailing and understanding the effectiveness of healthcare marketing and promotional campaigns.

“Marketing efforts require measurement across media venues, consumer targets and campaign messages,” stated Dipita Chakraborty, senior vice president of the Global Marketing Mix Practice for ACNielsen Analytic Consulting . “A ‘one size fits all’ approach to research cannot meet the needs of complex healthcare marketing and Healthcare Marketing Mix was developed in response to this.”

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