Novartis' Heart Partner app integrated into Walgreens Balance Rewards


DEERFIELD, Ill. - Walgreens on Monday announced the integration of Novartis' Heart Partner app to its Balance Rewards for Health Choices API.

"For [heart failure] patients it is sometimes difficult to keep up with a healthier lifestyle and managing their treatment," Walgreens developer evangelist Drew Schweinfurth posted in a blog. "The newly developed Heart Partner app helps coordinate care in a simple and easy way.  The app allows for tracking daily activity and vitals such as blood pressure or weight [and] medication compliance."

“We are excited to complement our app by integrating with the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program," stated Lisa Blizzard, director consumer marketing Novartis. "This is a simple and easy way for HF patients and their caregivers to track healthier behaviors and have the patient be rewarded with Balance Rewards points to use towards healthier purchases.”

Novartis' Heart Partner app makes it easy to track daily vitals, store key health information and coordinate care and activities with others. It’s one app that offers two unique experiences based on whether you’re living with heart failure or are part of a Caregiver Support Team.

With Heart Partner, you can:

  • Track health vitals;

  • Record daily physical activity;

  • Integrate seamlessly with wearable and other connected devices;

  • Download physical activity, weight and blood pressure data automatically from Apple’s Health app;

  • Keep track of all medications;

  • Store health information such as insurance details and doctor contact info in the Health Card;

  • Invite loved ones to be a part of your Caregiver Support Team;

  • Coordinate tasks with members of the Caregiver Support Team;

  • Get daily reminders to keep up with activities, tasks, upcoming appointments and medication reminders;

  • Keep entire Caregiver Support Team informed and up to date; and

  • Earn points that can be applied toward the patient’s Walgreens Balance Rewards account by simply tracking weight, blood pressure, and activity. Points can be used in participating stores and online.

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