Omnicell introduces VBM 200F


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Omnicell launched its VBM 200F, which includes an automated multimed packing solution intended to assist pharmacists in improving their patients’ medication adherence. The new product, which expands Omnicell’s medication adherence portfolio, specifically has an automated system for filling and checking its SureMed by Omnicell multimed blister cards.

According to Omnicell, the multimed blister cards greatly reduce the complexities of managing and taking multiple medications. The company added that more than 30 million Americans take five or more medications daily.

“Omnicell offers our pharmacy partners an innovative suite of solutions designed to increase patient engagement and improve medication adherence, which can result in healthier outcomes and reduced healthcare costs,” said Rob Seim, president, Global Automation and Medication Adherence at Omnicell. “In addition to the M5000, which remains a crucial part of our innovation strategy, the Omnicell VBM 200F will enable pharmacists to grow their business, and it reaffirms our commitment to offer solutions across the full spectrum of care.”

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