Omnicell rolls out adherence, workflow enhancement to its PMAP

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Omnicell rolls out adherence, workflow enhancement to its PMAP

By David Salazar - 08/17/2017

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Pharmacy technology company Omnicell has introduced four enhancements to its web-based Patient Management Access Portal, the company announced Wednesday. Omnicell said the new rollouts would help pharmacists provide personalized care while maintaining an efficient workflow.

“Pharmacists have a tremendous responsibility related to medication use,” said Dared Price, president of Graves Drug Stores, which uses Omnicell’s solution. “PMAP's current features free-up time in the pharmacy that allows us to focus on what matters most—taking care of patients. The efficiency we've gained has also allowed us to better manage our operations as a whole, which is vital to our business.”

The improvements include a feature to enable targeted adherence interventions for patients starting a chronic therapy, as well as a Time My Meds dashboard that includes pharmacy-specific metrics on adherence, proportion of days covered analysis for Medicare patients, medication synchronization enrollments and a comparative view against similar pharmacies.

The new features also include immunization solutions that help pharmacists identify patients who would benefit from an immunization and sync with state immunization registries. Omnicell also introduced a single sign-on for integration with third party software, including iMedicare software, which helps pharmacists assist patients in making informed choices about Medicare plans, and Pharmacy Quality Solutions’ EQuIPP platform.

“Pharmacists are front-line members of the healthcare team, providing care for patients in the communities where they live, helping them to manage their chronic conditions, promoting self-care, and encouraging healthy adherence behavior,” Omnicell director of clinical healthcare strategy Rebecca Chater said. “Their value to helping improve healthcare is enormous. Omnicell is committed to providing innovative solutions such as these to allow pharmacists to be more effective and efficient in doing what they were trained to do—optimize medication use.”