Owen Mumford debuts package redesign for Unifine Pentips, Unifine Pentips Plus lines


Atlanta, Ga. — Owen Mumford is giving the packaging for its Unifine Pentips and Unifine Pentips Plus product lines a refresh, the company announced Monday. The new cartons will begin shipping this month, with the expectation that they will be fully phased in by January 2017.


Owen Mumford said that the new packaging includes a clean, modern design aesthetic that includes bold pops of color implemented to highlight each products unique device specifications. The packaging is also designed to offer flexible merchandising options to maximize shelf space, allowing the cartons to be stacked facing forward or with the top lid facing outward. 


“Better serving the needs of pharmacists is a priority with our redesign,” Owen Mumford marketing director Casey Pflieger said. “We know that time is a critical factor in pharmacies, and anything we can do to improve speed and efficiency is appreciated. By enlarging our pen needle specifications, pharmacy staff can identify the right product at a glance, making pen needle fulfillment faster and easier. We’ve also addressed shelving constraints by offering stackable merchandising options to optimize shelf space.”  


The company said that it’s also working to make an impression on patients with the new packaging, which features enhanced product benefit call-outs, including a pen needle compatibility guide  specifying injection pens the pen needles have been tested against. Design was also used to convey product usage. 


“Many people think of pen needles as a commodity product, but when it comes to Unifine Pentips Plus, that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Pflieger said. “Unifine Pentips Plus is a pen needle, plus so much more. Yet, when people looked at our prior packaging they saw a blue device that didn’t resemble any other pen needle on the market. They didn’t think it was a pen needle. They simply didn’t know what it was.” 


Owen Mumford’s Unifine Pentips Plus packaging now prominently depicts a pen needle in use, approaching the device’s removal chamber. By showcasing the product in use, the company said it hopes to better convey the device’s functionality and uniqueness.


“The new look of Unifine echoes the core values of the brand, reflecting the intersection between functionality, performance and flexibility,” Pflieger said. “For years we’ve joked that ‘it’s what inside the box that counts.’ Now the outside finally matches what’s inside.”


Unifine Pentips and Unifine Pentips Plus are available to patients through any U.S. pharmacy and are covered under most insurance plans. These devices are available in a wide range of sizes (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm), and universally fit most injection therapy pens.


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