PDX’s business intelligence platform renamed Explore Dx

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PDX’s business intelligence platform renamed Explore Dx

By David Salazar - 02/16/2018
PDX has renamed its Explore Rx business intelligence platform. The Fort Worth, Texas-based company’s data transparency and reporting software is now Explore Dx, which the company said was aimed at reflecting the platform’s ability to meet the business intelligence needs of the broader healthcare marketplace, as well as the needs of pharmacies.

“Subsequent to the rapid adoption of Explore Rx, we’re excited about this transition from providing innovative, pharmacy-specific solutions to now providing cutting-edge technology solutions that are relevant for, and necessary to, all of healthcare,” PDX chief information officer Todd Crosslin said.

Explore Dx is able to offer data transparency and actionable reporting that PDX said is able to offer insight into their business. The HIPAA-compliant platform is powered by the cloud-native data warehouse Snowflake and data visualization and action platform Looker, PDX said, noting that it allows access to data in near real-time. Users can create custom dashboards and reports to help create a data-driven business, the company said.

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