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PerceptiMed's will-call tech gets deployed at Nebraska pharmacy

PerceptiMed’s ScripClip, pick-to-light, will-call bin system has been deployed at Nebraska Medicine’s flagship outpatient pharmacy, which has just completed a major expansion and remodeling that supports the new technology.

PerceptiMed’s proprietary software interfaces with the pharmacy’s dispensing system to know which bag holds each patient’s prescriptions. Then, via radio waves, it activates the LED light on the correct bag for each patient, causing the bag handle to light-up so the cashier can see and retrieve the bag quickly. Barcode scanning at the cash register ensures the right bag is given to the right patient, according to PerceptiMed.

"The flashing lights and well-organized will-call bin are the source of a number of positive comments from impressed patients picking up their medicine," Nebraska Medicine’s director of community-based pharmacy services Vince Jorn said. "Because the new will-call bin looks so impressive the pharmacy chose to use the will-call bin rack and hanging bags to separate the dispensing area from the patient pick-up area. This eliminates the need for pharmacy personnel to hand transfer filled prescriptions from behind a solid shelving area to the patient pick-up area, saving a few seconds on every transaction. With more space and new technology, the pharmacy has the tools it needs to better manage our system-wide meds-to-bed program, specialty and retail pharmacy offering.”

PerceptiMed CEO Bob Curry said. “We are honored to be part of Nebraska Medicine’s expansion. It is especially rewarding to be a technology partner with Nebraska Medicine’s newly remodeled outpatient pharmacy.”
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