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Pfizer launches Moodivator app for patients with depression


NEW YORK — Pfizer has launched a new app, Moodivator, aimed at helping to motivate and encourage patients with depression. The app is designed to help patients track their mood, set goals and establish routines as a complement to their treatment for depression, which can include talk therapy, medication and other approaches. 


“As awareness of the magnitude and severity of depression continues to mount, technology like the Moodivator app represents a new and exciting frontier for helping people with depression,” said Dr. Susan Kornstein, a professor of psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine who consulted on the app design. “The option to set, track and achieve personal goals in the Moodivator app ties in nicely with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that I use often with my patients.”


Using the app, patients can create customized goals around work, home or family activities and they can be adjusted over time. The mood tracker uses a simple scale to log their mood as often as they want. Pfizer said the real-time reporting capability of the mood tracker can help the care team identify long-term patterns, and the app facilitates sharing goal progress with the care team. The app also includes information about a prescription treatment option for depression. 


The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android devices. 


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